Learn_5) نقشه های AutoCad در صفحه دوبعدی اینونتور

۲D AutoCAD data in sketches

When you open an AutoCAD ® file in Autodesk Inventor, you can place 2D translated data:

  • On a sketch in a new or existing drawing.
  • As a title block in a new drawing.
  • As a sketch symbol in a new drawing.
  • On a sketch in a new or existing part.


You can import AutoCAD (DWG) drawings into a part sketch, drawing, or drawing sketch overlay. The entities from the XY plane of model space are placed on the sketch. In a drawing, certain entities, such as splines, cannot be converted. You can choose to import AutoCAD blocks as Autodesk Inventorsketch blocks.

You can open a .dwg file and then copy selected AutoCAD data to the clipboard and paste into a part, assembly, or drawing sketch. The data is imported at the cursor position.


When you export Autodesk Inventor drawings to AutoCAD, the converter creates an editable AutoCAD drawing. All data is placed in paper space or model space in the DWG file. If the Autodesk Inventor drawing has multiple sheets, each is saved as a separate DWG file. The exported entities become AutoCAD entities, including dimensions.

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